I’m sorry, but one person does not make a group.

Gauging the scope of the tea party movement in America In an unruly, unpredictable and chaotic election year, no group has asserted its presence and demanded to be heard more forcefully than the tea party. The grass-roots movement that was spawned with a rant has gone on to upend the existing political order, reshaping the debate in Washington, defea…
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Will we ever learn to stop being the world’s arms dealer?

Pentagon plans $60 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia The Defense Department has notified Congress that it wants to sell $60 billion worth of advanced aircraft and weapons to Saudi Arabia. The proposed sale, which includes helicopters, fighter jets, radar equipment and satellite-guided bombs, would be the largest arms deal to another country in U.S….
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Imagine what David Simon could do with this! Paging Clay Davis….

Task force probing whether banks broke federal laws during home seizures Federal law enforcement officials are investigating possible criminal violations in connection with the national foreclosure crisis, examining whether financial firms broke federal laws when they filed fraudulent court documents to seize people’s homes, according to people familiar with the matter.
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