Post-election, “Politicians of both parties will be on trial.”

Across the country, anger, frustration and fear among voters as election nears Travel through the political battlegrounds in these final days before Election 2010, and it becomes clear how much the tenor of this recession-plagued country has changed in the two years since Barack Obama was elected president on his message of hope and change.
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Tea Party may doom GOP chances for Senate takeover

Tea party antics could end up burning Republicans The tea party’s volatile influence on this election year appears to be doing more harm than good for Republicans’ chances in some of the closest races in the nation, in which little-known candidates who upset the establishment with primary wins are now stumbling in the campaign’s final days.
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It’s good to live in a democracy. It’s bad to live in one that can be bought & paid for.

Midterm campaign spending may reach $4 billion, data show The big midterm numbers just keep piling up. In the latest sign of this year’s record-breaking spending, an independent research group estimated Wednesday that candidates, parties and outside interest groups together may spend up to $4 billion on the 2010 campaign. The prediction by the Center fo…
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My first thought was, “can anyone, right or left, think this is a good development?”

Then I read the end of the article.
House and Senate shatter fundraising records for midterm election and may exceed $2 billion 
House and Senate candidates have already shattered fundraising records for a midterm election and are on their way to surpassing $2 billion in spending for the first time, according to new campaign finance data.
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