I’ve been an organizer of workers inside and outside of the union movement for two decades. Currently, I am working as a consultant to community organizations, companies that are working to produce technology for worker organizing, and unions.  Previously, I have served as the Managing Director of the National Guestworker Alliance, been the first state director of Pennsylvania Working Families, and was Executive Vice President & Political Director of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, the largest union of healthcare workers in PA.

In addition to spending ~15 years at SEIU in various capacities, I’ve organized mothers moving from welfare to work at the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, built community-labor coalitions as a local Jobs with Justice director, and run grassroots electoral campaigns for HERE, SEIU and others in California. I’ve also worked as a consultant for unions and non-profit advocacy groups to make progressive gains in electoral and/or legislative arenas. Clients included: Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, SEIU Pennsylvania State Council, Working Families Party, Pennsylvania Campaign for Drivers’ Licenses.

I’m a third-generation union member who wants my kids to have the option of being members of the fourth.

I also write and edit a blog about work, tech & organizing, Hack the Union. If you’re interested in what I consider to be some of my best writing, look here. Interested in hiring me? Fill out this contact form.