Random things I’ve written in various places, and that I still like

Labor & Organizing

Some Thoughts on Getting Arrested

It’s not every day that your work gets validated by the Supreme Court

“We must speak so others can hear”

What if we welcomed disruption?

The Movement & Electoral Politics

Why not just fund all the lawyers?

The fight against Trump can never stop, if we want to win

It gets better (but not always quickly, and it takes real work)

Wanna win more elections?

Tech & Organizing

We interrupt our regularly scheduled snark

I don’t want Twitter 2.0–I want to be disrupted

We’re not going to beat gun manufacturers by relying on Congressional goodwill

So you wanna be a disruptor?

The Internet vs. the Labor Movement: Why Unions Are Late-Comers to Digital Organizing

Ratings in the Gig Economy are a Mess. Here’s How to Fix Them



 making #womensvoicesmatter

Do the math, fellas.


I am the kind of reader

2013–The Year in Books

2015–The Year in Books

2016–The Year in Books

2017–The Year in Books

2018–The Year in Books


on Philly Photo Day, wabi sabi, and hating on hipsters

It’s not my stuff I’m a slave to. It’s my memories.

Moving On

What I did on my summer vacation, health care, and the embrace of The Stranger

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