Monthly Archives: October 2012

Having lost power, heat, water & electricity in the past year (serially, not simultaneously) (oh! the joys of living in a slumlord building!), I have today taken the following precautions…

  1. Pre-ground a week’s worth of coffee. You can boil coffee, if you have gas. You cannot grind coffee without a coffee-grinder. 
  2. Filled my largest pot with water. If one is without water, one cannot flush the toilet and one will invariably need to do that… Even if you just need it to boil pasta, it’s always good to have one full. 
  3. Frozen about 6 quarts of filtered water (and counting).
  4. Charged everything, including my mifi, in case internet goes out and I need to do work in my car…
  5. Baked cookies. Because, well, cookies!
  6. Watched the wind map, and wondered how fast the wind outside my apartment is… 
  7. Pondered whether, in the event of a massive, week-long power outage, the general population will return to reading as a past-time…and if so, who will want to borrow a book.

Stay safe out there, folks….