I for one

am happy to see this story, about the rise of the divorce selfie.

There is no law that says you have to hate your ex-spouse, or that you should put your anger or hurt feelings at them over the well-being of your children. We really only have about 3 decades’ worth of experience of large numbers of people being divorced. Who’s to say that the first generation of humans who got divorced en masse did it right? When you consider the fact that many of us are choosing to take our post-divorce relationships in a different way than our parents’ generation did, perhaps you should see that as an indictment of our parents’ divorces, rather than us.


the cashless society? not for teens

I’ve been reading a lot of stories about digital money (think Bitcoin) lately. And I think that they do have the ability to be transformative for the unbanked.

But I also recently tried to take my very responsible teenager to my bank, to get her a debit card that could be refilled from my account, to start teaching her about how to manage money. And they told me she couldn’t have one, because she isn’t 17 yet.

Everytime someone tells me, “I never carry cash,” or writes an article about how great their cash-free life is, I think “you must not have children.”


I’ll believe we have a cash free economy when I can stop handing out cash to pay for French Club t-shirts, pretzels from the school cafeteria, a soda from Wawa on the way home from school, and everything else that kids need that they can’t buy, because they can’t have plastic or digital money.